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Household services

Household services are the everyday tasks that most of us do around our homes: cooking, cleaning, ironing, laundry, taking out the trash,  maintenance, driving, shopping, dog walking, pet sitting after school pick-up, and landscaping are just some examples of household services.

EnJoy Your Best LiFE       

Time is precious


What if you could bottle 32 hours in a day?  We haven’t found the recipe for that yet, but we can give you the gift of time and elevate your quality of life!  Our team of experts specialize in a variety of services that let you get back to the business of living your best life...solving the age old quandary of “not enough hours in a day.” 


Leave it to our trusted experts to support you exactly how you want to be supported

What we do?

Manager, Concierge, and Assistant


Our team of trusted experts help you manage your home, eliminate the time busters, reduce the invisible workload, and afford you peace of mind. Imagine having your own personal concierge, delivery service, and overall problem solver at your fingertips...  Click on Services for a detailed list.

Home and Office Support


We elevate your surroundings in a variety of ways allowing you to maximize functionality and enjoyment.  Our team of organizers, technology wizards, educational specialists, and fastidious cleaning experts are committed to just that. Click on Services for a detailed list.

Home Improvements/Repairs


Whether you need a ceiling fan installed or a project manager to be your point person during a full remodel, we’ve got you covered, and anything in between.  We will source, execute, and advise along the way…

Click on Services for a detailed list.